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International Firebird Book Awards for both Women's Fiction and Magical Realism

Royal Palm Literary Award Silver Medal for Women's Fiction

Indie Florida eBook Selection

Lexi Leneghan is an author, wife, best friend, and self-described student of human nature. While waiting for a friend to join her at lunch before a book signing, she has a chance encounter with a couple seated at the next table that tears her idyllic world apart. 

Two Truths is a story about love, the lies we tell ourselves, and the healing power of friendship. The truth lies at the heart of every great love.


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New cover—same popular novel

Summer is around the corner, and both temperatures and tensions are rising in the Smith household. The only question is who will break first?

Will it be Jane, newly divorced and overworked? Or Zave, Jane's oldest daughter, who is struggling to fit in at her new school? What about Hayley Jo, their neighbor, who has problems of her own?

One only thing is certain. The dark side of the wall is a place within us all.


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My first novel—now more relevant than ever

Sometimes you have to lose everything before you can find yourself.

Maya Kendrick has it all—talent, luck, and a successful career as a famous fashion designer. Too bad that isn’t enough. As the economy takes a turn for the worse, Maya fails to notice a small but growing negative social media campaign that threatens her business. When she finally understands the problem, she reaches out to family and friends for assistance. But is it too late?

At a time when what happens online can be even more important than what happens in real life, Gone in a Flash explores a world where there really is nowhere to hide.